– April 2, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

We recently completed the last mission and are in the middle of having the crew adjust to the 3-year time jump. We are also in the process of doing some spring cleaning on our application process. Hoping to optimize the website for 4K, as it has hideous white bars on my 4K monitor.

Crew Updates

Crew has remained static. An application for the position of CIO was approved, but then withdrawn by the player as they had to focus on other sims.
Actively recruiting for:
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief of Strategic Operations
Chief Counselor

As a note, the Commanding Officer will be on ELOA starting April 4th, due to a great deal of work related travel, leaving the Executive Officer and Second Officer in command for that time period.

Story Elements

We are running an extended R&R Mission, following the time jump. We will be working to have crew deal with the loss of three years. Our teams are also looking for a saboteur who caused the event.

Other Information

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