– May 1, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

USS Vesta wrapped her last mission, dealt with the final strands of left over mission elements from our "Season One" mission set, and have moved towards our second set in which we will be joining the rest of our Task Force in a small set of optional missions as part of an ark being worked on. This month our new mission will be going live. This is also going to reflect the slight changes to the way some of our departments are organized, with Junior Heads and Senior Heads, a segment that will allow a bit more of a seniority feeling, without the necessary need to be the top dog.

Crew Updates

No new crew updates, however we will be looking for a Chief Intelligence Officer, a Strategic Operations Officer, and heads for the Biological and Medical Sciences, Chemistry and Physics Department, and Astrometrics Department that fall under our Sciences Department. For any questions about this, feel free to reach out and my Command Team will be happy to clarify.

Story Elements

We are on the verge of rolling our new mission, "A Misguiding Hand", where the Vesta will be en route to the Cardassian Border, but diverts its course when it detects a pre-Warp civilization, that appears to be trying to make contact with aliens that have guided it's development. Following that, we will discover that another race has been pushing them towards space travel at an accelerated rate, by messing with their space probes.

Other Information

I was away for the greater part of April due in part to work travel, and in part to family matters that cropped up unexpectedly. My Command Team deserves the credit for the amazing work that they have done in keeping my sim's numbers acceptable, and the moral high. If you run into either Commander Darrow (Markstrom on Discord) or Lieutenant Commander Sorenson (Cam on Discord) give them a huge congrats for their excellent work.

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