– October 26, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

The major changes to the USS Vesta have been the transition from Pegasus Fleet Command to Obsidian Fleet Command. Transition has caused some hiccoughs along the way, and we are working to transition from the Pegasus Fleet notes on the system to the Obsidian Fleet ones. Other major updates include additions of the Vesta's uniform standard to our own WIKI as well as an updated rank set. First Discord based promotion of the ship was done for recruiting purposes.

Crew Updates

We picked up a new crew member a few weeks following our transition, one Lieutenant JG Tyr tr'Saren, our new Romulan Security Officer. We were forced to remove a player due to inactivity, and lost 0101, our Bynar player.

Story Elements

We are in the middle, ramping up to the Climax of the mission, where we will be involved in the Antarian Interstellar Relay. Once that wraps up, we will finish this mission and take on our next. We are still behind the rest of OF, but the next mission will allow us to correct that.

Other Information

Vesta is still finding her place in OF.

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