USS Vesta – July 30, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

There have been no changes to the USS Vesta this month, as she was a bit slow in terms of posting and development from a lot of angles. A lot of focus has been put on our community segments, such as our private discord, where we are working on mission details more accurately. We are seeing this as a chance to grow the inter-connectivity of the crew, and seeing them working in their own departments to make a more developed crew, with a better engagement of the team.

Crew Updates

No changes to the crew this month, but we are working with crew to continue development of different positions. Vesta is reviewing adding a more civilian focused element in the crew (as our Diplomatic department is entirely civilian) where I am playing with the idea of adding a civilian science division, to help with possible crew ideas. We also continue our search for a Chief Intelligence Officer, as we will be working with a fair few intelligence based missions in the future. We also seek a Chief Strategic Operations Officer for the same reason.

Story Elements

We are under the development of an alien race interfering with the development of a pre-warp civilization, and the ramifications therein. There is an ongoing discussion as to whether the Federation is allowed to interfere with another species when they are doing it to protect another, and whether the Vesta will act upon it.

Certain developments are being taken on both alien species involved in the plot (mostly lead by the crew), and their culture, species development, and technology of both. Considering we are on the edge of Federation space, we have the option to have these aliens available to other sims as well, with some character details, so that others may use them.

We have also worked with the TF72 Command Team on some smaller developments on the planned Task Force ark that people will be able to participate in (or other sims outside the TF if interested). While I am sure these details aren't ready to be utilized TF -Wide, we are starting to incorporate them into our own canon.

Other Information

USS Vesta will be going through a slight restructure of it's manifest, as mentioned above, and with that, we will see a slightly different than usual layout for certain mission elements. What those will look like are currently undecided, so they may change as time goes on. From there, we will see what happens.

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