USS Vesta – July 2020

USS Vesta – July 2020


Sim Updates

Nothing really changed on our back end or website this month. I like to think we have rooted out all our weird typos and bad links, though as always if you find any let us know!

Crew Updates

No changes to crew this month either. We are continuing our hunt for a few key positions:

Chief Counselor
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Security Officer

Story Elements

Our last mission has wrapped, and we are moving into our next mission: When the Bough Bounces

"The Vesta has been directed to escort a revered Federation Scientist to Earth, an easy escort mission following her last mission that ended up with her Captain in sickbay and a crew demoralized. After a short rest at Sirius Station for small repairs and resetting, she sets out on her courier mission, unaware that the scientist isn't what he seems."

Other Information

No other information to report at this time.



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Posted: July 31, 2020 4:44 pm
Updated: August 1, 2020