USS Vesta – June 2020

USS Vesta – June 2020


Sim Updates

The Vesta has begun the arduous process of integrating the new Picard canon into its canon. The Vesta originally had been stated to have been completed at Utopia Planitia, which is no longer realistic. We have also wrapped up our last mission, which means that we will eventually be moving to our newest mission. We will likely take July as a month to get everything formally closed and get the final details ironed out of the next mission first.

Crew Updates

No new or departing crew since last month. We are still looking for a replacement Chief Counselor who will find themselves particularly busy in the coming month and mission. We are also looking for a Chief Security Officer and a Chief Tactical Officer, roles we have in previous months separated. While, in story, we have deployed Marines to the Vesta, these will not be available to new players.

Story Elements

Vesta has been forced to come to terms with the recent actions. Major General MacTaryn has deployed a platoon of Marines to the Vesta to keep and eye on them, and Admiral Sepandiyar has handed down his own punishments, creative as they are. From here the Vesta is headed to Sirius Station, where it will pick up a renown Federation scientist, who is doing experiments in the field of aging. Their mission is to transport them to Earth, where they can finish their research at the Daystrom institute. Along the way though, an outbreak of a virus that is causing some odd behaviour is detected. Though odd behaviour isn't it's only affect...

Other Information

Posting numbers are up a little from last month, and the Vesta continues to work on its overall presence in the Fleet. We are making her available for all CO's in the Fleet, but specifically TF47 to engage with, should she need to.



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Posted: June 30, 2020 6:49 pm
Updated: June 30, 2020