USS Vesta – Mar-19

USS Vesta – Mar-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

Well, let's start with good! Cleaning up some broken sections of the site where links were connecting to the wrong spot. While we are hoping none of the links go to the old broken parts of the site. On that same note, we have discovered an odd error in our DB somewhere that causes HTML/CSS code in bios to cause them to be uneditable and has made new attempts at joining hard. We are currently looking into fixing that and should have a solution shortly.

Crew Updates

Lieutenant JG Ildri Lanik joined us as the new Chief Counselor, rounding out our medical staff, and leaving us with almost more medical and science staff than any other department combined. Other than that, the crew has been stable, with no promotions or departures.

Story Elements

"Misguiding Hand" has wrapped up officially with the Qoird coming to a ceasefire agreement, and allowing the recovery of lost crew. Having departed, the Vesta will be spending a week at Haumea Colony before departing for the Cardassian Border again to aid in patrols there. This will lead to our next mission"Wrong Place, Right Time" where a rogue element from the Sons of Cheron will lead to the disabling of a civilian freighter near a world thought abandoned by the Federation.

Other Information

Vesta had a decent month in terms of posting, leading to a decent development of the stories around our characters and this fine ship. We are excited for the upcoming snowball fight at Haumea, which should see some great cross-posting possibilities.



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