USS Vesta -March 2020

USS Vesta -March 2020


Sim Updates

In regards to the website and online presence of the USS Vesta during the month of March, there was little done. A little house keeping. We have separated the Tactical and Security departments, so each has it's own head of each department.

Crew Updates

Our Chief Strategic Operations Officer has stepped down to focus on his own sim.

The crew of the USS Vesta is seeking a Chief Tactical Officer and a Chief Tactical Officer.

Story Elements

On the colony, it was revealed to the kidnapped Vesta officers that the head of the little band of rebels is none other than the son of the colony's leader. Furthermore, it appears the reactor has malfunctioned and radiation and heat will soon become dangerous. On the Vesta herself, the crew is scrambling to find a away to locate the lost crew.

Other Information



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Posted: April 3, 2020 6:47 pm
Updated: April 3, 2020