USS Vesta – May 2020

USS Vesta – May 2020


Sim Updates

Vesta underwent a little bit of a spring clean up after it was noticed our privacy policy disappeared from the main page. This has since been corrected. We have also tidied up our rules a little and adjusted our age rating to be in line with the Fleet, being set to 15+. Small corrections to spelling errors during an internal audit was completed.

Crew Updates

While there has been no updates to our crew, we realized we had several inactive crew members left in pending by accident. This has been corrected to actively reflect the state of the manifest. We have also split Tactical and Security into their own distinct divisions.

Currently, as we complete this mission we are looking for the following:
-Chief Tactical Officer
-Chief Security Officer
-Head Counselor (Open to Civilian Application)

Story Elements

The Vesta is wrapping up the end of it's current mission with an amazing push from the crew. We have a few last posts coming out in the next few days that will wrap it up and take us into our next mission. We will be stopping at Sirius Station, undertaking a Vesta specific mission before planning for a new Task Force Mission.

Other Information

Posting is on the uptick, with people finding in the warmer weather the desire to post a little more. Many of the crew are made up of essential workers, so there have been some delays, but we are moving back into a good rhythm. As mentioned above, in an effort to avoid the issues we encounter with officers feeling shoehorned into odd positions, we have moved to separating Security and Tactical.



Submitted By: yminawara
Posted: May 29, 2020 6:06 pm
Updated: May 31, 2020