USS Vesta – Oct-18

USS Vesta – Oct-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

Well, in the spirit of Halloween we have found some ghosts in the coding for the Vesta. Looks like we have some errors causing issues in correcting character bios and generating new characters. We are working to correct those, and hopefully, have those problems fixed soon.

Crew Updates

The Vesta underwent some minor changes to the layout of the personnel. Our Chief Scientist, Lieutenant Commander De La Fuente has decided that he is having issues writing in the character, and has instead moved to Chief Strategic Operations Officer, with the new moniker (and I had to look up the correct spelling of that word...), Lieutenant Commander Zayne. To fill this gap, a very deserving member of my crew has moved into the position of Chief Scientist, the (newly promoted) Lieutenant Commander Nolan Marc. Nolan is a fantastic member of the crew, who writes amazing stories. If you want a read that will make you want more, I recommend checking out some of his works.

This leaves on the Chief Intelligence Officer position to fill in the senior staff, and the Chief Counselor on a ship full of people with some issues having been thrust forward in time. If you're interested, let us know! We can use a good Spook (ha- Halloween themed again!) and most of our crew could use a good Head Doctor.

Story Elements

So much is going on amongst the Vesta crew. The Qoird have shot down one of our shuttles, containing our two Merian crewmembers, who are now lost on a pre-warp planet. Crew members who beamed down have also had a rough go of it, seeing as the Second Officer (and Cheif Medical Officer) have been taken captive by local militia. It is hoped they can hide out long enough to avoid being discovered as non-Braxian.

Other Information

The Vesta is keeping pretty busy OOC - with the crew working on their submission for the Golden Pumpkin and a few easter eggs. The Vesta's CO and XO are also participating in the recovery of Obsidian Colony which has gone missing. While this particular plot takes place slightly outside of the crew-wide plot, it is interesting nonetheless, and we look forward to seeing how that develops!



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