USS Vesta – OCT 2020

USS Vesta – OCT 2020


Sim Updates

The Vesta refound her groove this month and got back into the swing of thing. While the story has slowed a little in terms of the main mission, the ongoing character development has been quite nice.

Crew Updates

We have the pleasure of welcoming Lieutenant Two-Six Trenton to the Vesta to oversee both security and tactical. He has been a treat to write with already, and I expect great things.

The Vesta is seeking a Chief of Operations, as well as a Chief Strategic Operations officer. Many junior and middle level positions are open, if desired.

We have one player on LOA.

Story Elements

Vesta has settled into her trip back to Earth, travelling with the Federation Scientist Doctor Bathory. Much of the crew has spent time interacting with the doctor, as well as some of the members of his team. Things seem to be going great for the crew so far, with no signs yet of how far the virus has spread...

Other Information

The crew, as a whole, has had a month of great success, developing some great side stories surrounding the missions as of late.



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Posted: November 2, 2020 1:37 am
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