USS Vesta – September 28, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

It has been a very busy September for the Vesta. Some last minute link corrections were made when discovered buried deep within sections of the sim. There are many ghosts in the shell of our sim, and we're working them out as we go. I expect to find more as I continue to dig into the various little bits of the behind the scenes bits. Waiting on a correction to the database to correct errors when changing certain crewmember's ranks. We have also added in (finally) the awards that have been missing from the sim, making the next section of this report, very full.

Crew Updates

Strap in, this part is going to be full. A lot of long overdue promotions, recognition and awards have been given. So I will break this down my character.

Command Ewan Darrow was promoted to the rank of Captain:
Ewan Darrow is a good friend of mine, and has been with the sim since before it was on Obsidian Fleet. My right hand man, webmaster, and when I am not there, the leader of my crew. Without his dedication over the last two years, surly this sim would have sunk and would be without. So, following gaining permission to do so, and seeing my own promotion a month or so bad, Mister Darrow recieved the honour of being promoted to Captain.

Lieutenant Commander Martin Sorenson to the rank of Commander, with awards:
Doctor Sorenson took the position of being my Second Officer a long while ago, and has in their time as my 2O, been an invaluable resource for keeping things going. Crew moral is always made the better by his presence in a post and on our discord. Without them, I ould surely not have the time to be a TGCO, and my crew would surely suffer from my split attention. Long overdue citations were of course included in this (6 month, 1 Year and 2 Year) as well as the Creativity Award, the Zephyrum Cochrane Award, the Non-Player Character Award, and Good Conduct Medal. All of these are more than deserved by Sorenson, and I would I would be lacking in my duty not to publish these so freely.

Lieutenant Commander Jonathon "Jack" Mantell to the rank of Commander with awards:
Jack was one of the first characters to join the sim (I believe is actually User 3 in the database). Having served beside of my crew for the last 2 years and 9 months, By far the longest without promotion, besides perhaps Captain Darrow, Jack has been a resource to me through and through. His creativity has elevated the level of mission the crew takes part in, the dedication to quality writing and keeping our discord active is without measure. I am proud to call him a friend, and hope to see him around for years to come. Along with the promotion (not reflected on sim due to issues with the database), we see several medals. Service citations for 6 months, 1 year and 2 year are well overdue, as well as the Zephyrum Cochrane Award, Creativity Award, and Good Conduct Medal. Jack, thank you for everything.

Isabella Cerin would have been promoted; however, she does not have a rank as a Civilian Diplomat, she is however given several awards and a nod of the hat for the following:
Ms. Cerin came to us as an odd character for most Star Trek sims, a diplomat. We decided to keep her a civilian, spare the need for rank, and to explore that. I have, as a result, had one of the most wonderful simming experience, and seen tthe kinds of character development that can only come from someone who has a true passion. The way any post with Izzy is guarenteed to be an excellent read, and to move the plot in way least expected. While an unexpected application, it is one I am happy came about a little over a year ago. With the delayed addition of the awards, the Service Citation of 6 months and 1 year have been added, but with the addition of the Creativity Award, the Non-Player Character Award and Good Conduct Medal. If you ever have the chance to read a post with her in it, I highly recommend it.

Lieutenant Nolan Marc, no promotion at current, but awards and praise:
Nolan Marc is actually a longer standing player than is shown, but with a new character. The stories woven by Nolan have been facinating, diving deep into aspects of characters I never get to see in Star Trek simming. I have had very few chances to write directly with Nolan, with such a divide as the ship has, but any post created has been wonderful. I have been proud to have him on my ship. The Good Conduct, Library Excellence, Creativity, and Citations for 6 months and 1 year have been awarded, and I am sure I will have many more to go as the years roll on. For everything that has come over these few months, thank you Nolan, and thank you for the amazing characters and writing.

With all the praise out of the way, the Vesta is actively seeking a Chief Intelligence Officer and a Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

Story Elements

The Qoird, a squid-like race that is part of a bigger faction known as "The Chorus" has recently shot down a Federation shuttle doing a survey of a planet of pre-warp people, the Braxians. With two Vesta crewmembers stuck on the planet below, and cold relations between the Qoird and the vessel, the Vesta must take care to avoid an incident and cause any form of trouble with the newly discovered government, while avoiding contaminating the planet below and breaking the Prime Directive.

Other Information

As noted above, a lot of little details that have been hammered out and fixed with the Vesta, plot points and small errors on the website. Next month will see another uptick in those fixes, as well as more dedication to some plot point development. We will also be seeking to end this mission by the end of the year.

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