– July 31, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Updated graphics on page. Began to develop more plot ideas for things moving forward (more to be stated at a later time).

Crew Updates

No new crew members, no leavers, no promotions and no awards. This month.

Story Elements

The Wolff was captured by the Tholians while testing a prototype Romulan Drive. During the course of interrogation, it was discovered that the newly elected UFP President has been manipulating history with the help from an accomplice, a deal was struck with the Tholians, destroy the new drive in exchange for being freed, and the CO contacted a group of trusted fellow CO's to intercept the treasonous president and arrest him.

Other Information

It's been a slow month. I could give an excuse but I've not got one beyond summer's come so interest in simming has dropped down for a while. Planning a new recruitment campaign to try and fix this issue when the next mission begins at the start of next month.

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