– April 30, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

No major changes this month, just discussions about future discussions

Crew Updates

Our Chief Flight Control Officer, Mektari Dumral, had to step away due to the dreaded RL time constraints.

In sad news, our Chief Engineer Amran Kolo, lost his battle with cancer. While he had been unable to participate in a few months, the last few weeks were met with a sharp decline in health after a few glimmers of hope. We are planning to hold a small event to send his character to a long-term assignment in a paradise type world.

As far as our open positions, we are currently in search of these:
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Science Officer
Other DHs (Intel/Diplomacy/Marines) - require talking to us first

Promotions will come after the end of the current mission, though I was promoted to Captain OOC and our Asst. Chief Engineer has been promoted to Chief Engineer.

Story Elements

Our first mission is in it's final phase. We are gearing up for our second mission. It will have a few surprises that will have long lasting changes for our crew, much like a Thanos snap.

Other Information

It was a slow month as a number our players dealt with some personal issues, illnesses, and all the joys RL can bring.

Active Players: 8
New Applicants: 0
Post Number: 10

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