USS Yorktown – Aug-18

USS Yorktown – Aug-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

Working on a new site (or at least updates to the current site) as we begin our transition phase into our new ship. This will be a process that will take a few months.

Crew Updates

Our Chief Engineer was removed for inactivity. Awards and promotions will happen at the end of the current mission, which is in the wrapping up phase.

We really need a Chief Engineer and a Chief Medical Officer. I would really like to have a Chief of Science.

Story Elements

We have three elements in different phases.

1. "Adrift" - This is our current mission, we are saying good bye to the Yorktown as the Rhea is being introduced. The new CO character along with our new XO have been dispatched in an Enterprise-B state of readiness in order to rescue the crew of the Yorktown.

2. Rhea - We are currently in the process of outlining the introduction story arc and a new "season" format to help tell better and more meaningful stories. We will show a tension as the new characters and the old get past the growing pains of coming together as they face the inner turmoil withing the Federation. They will have to come to terms with the ideals of the Federation and if everything they fight for is indeed right.

3. Operation Home Base - We are also currently working on a story telling element that will serve as a completely freeform open world that will serve as a frequent resupply depot for the Yorktown. It will give us an environment to explore topics and stories that can not be told or experienced from the confines of a starship.

Other Information

It was a relatively slow month as far as posting numbers go. However, under the hood we have been busy and having fun. I look forward to seeing how our future projects develop and the stories that we will be able to tell.

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