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Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

No major site updates. Still runs as a well-oiled machine (fingers crossed).

Crew Updates

The Yorktown has been a beacon of stability when it comes to the crew since I took command, and many of us have been writing together for many, many years. However, we're currently in search of someone who could write from a civilian perspective of one of the oldest ships in active Starfleet service, and how that makes the non-Starfleet personnel feel on a ship that has a decent amount of civilians on board.

Story Elements

We wrapped up our mission to rescue the USS Saratoga in the Gamma Hydra system. After navigating through the debris field of the massive natural disaster that came through, the Yorktown and Saratoga departed the system together. Starfleet has been appraised of the situation, and clean up efforts are to begin. But needless to say, when a rogue star or black hole buzzes past your system, it's going to throw outer system bodies into the inner system and begin chaos! Now, we're about to start a mission, in honor of the beginning of Discovery, which will involve bad guy Klingons!

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Submitted By: Viran
Posted: September 1, 2017 1:24 am
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