– December 31, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

No major updates to the site, though we have made progress in the story arc. We have a few updates to some of the wiki pages to flesh out, but that should come later.

Crew Updates

We added a Chief Engineer to our crew. We don't have any super urgent needs that would force progress to stop, though we are always open for a good person to take over Science and would be open to talking to someone about Diplomacy and Marines.

Story Elements

We are currently opening an investigation on Hakton VII's irrigation system as well as assisting their taxed medical clinic. The colony world has been neglected for some time, and we are looking to right a few of the Federation's wrongs.

Other Information

Even given the Holiday slowdown, we achieved another banner month. We are on a streak with three months of 40+ posts with our 41 posted this month. I am proud of our crew. They are an active bunch that writes with excellent quality.

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