– February 28, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

No major updates, but we have a few things in trial mode before I introduce them to the site.

Crew Updates

We have gained a new Chief Flight Control Officer in Lt JG Mektari Dumral. I have also promoted True Keading as my 2XO, however we are going to use this mission and the next to create a story arc for her to achieve it IC.

As far as open positions, our biggest need is in Engineering. We have the Assistant Chief spot open for recruitment, but it looks more and more likely that this will become a Chief Engineer spot.

Story Elements

Things are starting to heat up as our team has hit a roadblock in their repair efforts. Tensions in the colony are reaching a boiling point while groups are searching for answers that aren't coming. We are entering the next phase of the mission, will our team be able to find the answers before the colonists resort to violence? As far as the greater fleet at large, we along with a few other sims, are fleshing out the DMZ, turning up the heat, and setting the table for a big bad to emerge that all of us will have to come against.

Other Information

With the nature of our mission, we have a few big posts that won't quiet meet the end of the month to be counted as well as a few LOAs during the month. March is going to be huge.

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