USS Yorktown – July 31, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

With the Excelsiors being retired, we have began working on our new website for the new ship. Still keeping spoilers down, but we will be changing into something much more comfortable. Most of the site work is turning to getting the new site ready for launch.

Crew Updates

We lost our CMO, Lt Tallida Ovaa due to RL obligations.

We gained a new XO in Commander Madison King and a new Chief Flight Control Officer in Lt. JG Shakar Jontar. Both have jumped right in and have made great additions to the crew.

We are on the look out for a Chief Medical Officer, a Chief of Science, and we are in need of some help in Engineering

Story Elements

We are working on our Mission, "Adrift." This mission will serve as our IC transition to our new ship as we say goodbye to the Excelsior in spectacular fashion. The Yorktown has been disabled in the Badlands with little hope of rescue. Blind to everything inside and out, the crew must do anything they can to prolong the inevitable by a few minutes to hope against hope.

We have a few scattered groups that are up putting up some large JPs. Some of the crew are trying to repair what can be fixed, some are trying to rescue friends and loved ones, and others are simply trying to reach safety. All of them are in a desperate situation, trying to buy a few extra minutes of survival on the off chance that hope is just.

Other Information

I am very proud of the crew. We had a very off June as we had many off due to vacations, RL being RL, and basic mission planning. We came roaring back in July. We almost hit 3 posts/person, and would have had we been able to post a few of the monster JPs we have in the works. The future looks bright as we enter this transition period.

Sim Stats:
9 Characters
2 New Players
1 Departed Player
0 Applications Awaiting Approval
26 Posts
2.89 Avg Posts/User

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