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Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

July saw the transition of the Yorktown into our current mission, "The Deadly Research". July also happens to be the roughest month for the Yorktown's core crew, historically, as life rages on. Never the less, kudos to the crew of the Yorktown for slowly but surely pushing on with the mission.

Crew Updates

A huge welcome to Lieutenant Caden Bell who has joined the Yorktown as a strategic operations officer! Welcome to one of the oldest ships in Starfleet... before it falls apart! 😉

Story Elements

Currently, in our mission, the Yorktown has arrived at the Gamma Hydra system to a mess. Radioactive debris is spreading throughout the system, and an away team on a runabout are attempting to navigate the field to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It looks as if a radioactive planetoid came into the inner solar system ballistically, and now the Yorktown's crew is unsure if they're there to rescue the USS Saratoga, or recover debris.

Other Information

I want to commend the Yorktown crew for their pushing through the month of July. It's typically one of the rougher months to get through in the simming world. This month we've had 8 mission posts, which is lower than normal, but our word count per post is in the 750 range which is awesome. We've been pushing for that quality over quantity for a while now. With August coming I plan to see a pick up in the number of posts but also continued improvement in the quality of writing. Several crew members have markedly improved their grammar and spelling by doing JPs with other crew members, and more importantly have expressed how much fun they're having doing it: the exact reason why we're all here!

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