USS Yorktown – June 29, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

We successfully upgraded our site to reflect the new GDPR guidelines. Our ship is in the process of major destruction, In-Character. There will be a number of crew members who may be switching characters as we are beginning a transition period. I have also posted a news item on the OF page to reflect the state of the mission.

Crew Updates

We had no turnover this month, nor any additions. Ensign Zilas was promoted to Lieutenant JG to reflect his promotion to Chief Engineer.

We are on the lookout for people to take on the First Officer, Chief Flight Control, and Chief Science spots. The First Officer position is a spot that I really am missing and would be very interested in talking to potential players.

Story Elements

We have done alot of behind the scenes work to set up the current state of the Yorktown and the current locations and conditions of the various plot elements and groups scattered about the broken ship. This mission will serve as what transitions us to a new ship that better fits the TGCO spot because Excelsiors have been retired fleetwide in the current timeline.

Other Information

As stated above, much was done behind the scenes with the crew to help iron out our path forward in the mission and as a ship. We also had a few people, including me, took the chance to take a much needed vacation. The posting numbers took a bit of a dive this month, however with the story pieces set I expect those to pick up over the next month and carry on through the newt mission.

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