USS Yorktown – October 1, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

The new site is coming right along for our transition to the Rhea. I have applied the skin and am in the process of migrating everything to the new place. It won't officially launch until our current mission concludes so we can say goodbye to the Yorktown in its own house. I'm also going to begin testing other social media platforms for the ship in the coming months.

Crew Updates

We have two players switching PCs
- CO, Captain Lamar David is now CO, Captain Adamya Ryon
- Chief Counselor, Lieutenant True Keading is now XO, Commander Lilia Corbeau

We have accepted two new crew members this month.
- Chief Engineer, Lieutenant JG Shairo
- Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari

We also lost a player due to real life matters.
- XO, Commander Madison King

Story Elements

Things are quickly coming to the end for the crew's time on the Yorktown. With the retirement of the Excelsior-class in OF, we are introducing the Rhea and crew members while saying good bye to the old Excelsior. Once our new ship officially launches, we are going to be kicking off a major story arc and way of running missions that could spill over into other sims (if they choose to join head canons). Outside that, TG72C will be receiving a new IC TGCO with the untimely demise of the Captain David.

Other Information

By the Numbers
Users: 10
Mission Posts: 29
Avg Mission Posts / User: 2.9

Applications: 2
Accepted: 2
Departures: 1

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