– January 1, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

We haven't had any big updates to the site this month, although we're nearing the end of the current mission, so we expect a few updates next month.

Crew Updates

We lost our chief medical officer, but we've managed to pick up a replacement, Dr Savyla Jones, which is great news and we've already got big plans for her.

Once our current mission is wrapped, we'll begin a recruitment drive focussing on chief engineer and chief security and tactical officers.

Story Elements

The Valkyrie has entered negotiations with the Davosi, a recently warp capable species who's homeworld lies between Federation and Breen space. The chief science officer, Lieutenant Kel has been spirited away by the Davosi religious leaders due to a remarkable resemblance to a prophesized figure within their mythology. The Breen are expected to arrive imminently, further complicating the negotiations.

Other Information

Despite the Xmas holidays and a couple of players departures, we've managed an exceptional post count of 75 in December, which is definitely something to be proud of.

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