– February 28, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Our latest mission has begun: Leviathan.

As part of that, we've updated our graphics and home page to reflect the new mission.

Crew Updates

Unfortunately, our chief operations officer decided to leave, but a returning player has picked up the mantle of security chief and we've got a new chief diplomatic officer, which is excellent news. The new characters are settling in extremely well and already producing really great posts.

The 2nd officer in character (XO player) Yara Blackwater was promoted to Lt Commander, which is a big step in the character's progression and storyline.

Our current senior staff openings are:
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineer

Story Elements

The Valkyrie has spent some time in Earth orbit, while the new CO character settles in, and a couple of new characters also came aboard.

The long journey back out to DS12 was uneventful until we were almost back, at which point we received a distress signal from the USS Tower Bridge. They encountered a spacial rift, through which a strange alien creature emerged and fired an energy pulse that disabled their ship. The Valkyrie is en route to lend help.

Other Information

February is a short month, and we've been on shore leave for most of it, but we still put out 32 posts. That, along with some really strong introductions for our new characters, means that things are looking very positive for our new mission and the future beyond that.

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