– January 31, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

Our wonderfully talented XO has tweaked the graphics and header on the site to somehow make it even prettier.

We've got some lovely new graphics to demonstrate our new Earth based shoreleave period too.

Crew Updates

The big news: my new CO character is up and running and Commander Charles Kincaid is officially dead. This is the first part of the next phase of the Valkyrie's story and the precursor to some interesting new missions.

We have a promising candidate for chief engineer, which is great. We'd like to fill the chief security/tactical role soon if possible and we've also got positions open at chief Counselor and diplomatic officer.

Story Elements

We wrapped up Gods And Kings at the start of the month, Commander Kincaid was killed during negotiations with the Davosi and the Breen when a mercenary group attacked, suspected to be under the control of the Breen. Lieutenant Blackwater was able to hold the negotiations together after a heated confrontation with Lt Cmdr Nosske.

After the mission concluded, the Valkyrie headed to Earth to be debriefed, refitted and take on her new Captain.

Other Information

We hit the magic Star Trek number of 47 posts this month, which is fantastic. The mission ended well and there's real excitement about the new Captain. We've shown that anything can happen on the Valkyrie.

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