– July 31, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

We've only had a few tweaks to make this month, mainly due to the new mission beginning, so a new cover image, a couple of mission specific NPCs and that kind of thing. Slowly trying to bring people onto discord as the crew have been reluctant so far. Obsidian Day seems to have helped with that

Crew Updates

We lost our chief security officer, but replaced him almost immediately with a returning player, who's hit the ground running so far.

I sent the first batch of awards out, the plan is to do them after each mission, so everyone's got a bit of something.

We got the gold award for May, which is fantastic.

Story Elements

Our new mission has begun.

A civilian freighter is out of control on a collision course for Deep Space 12. The Valkyrie is the only ship close enough to intercept. We've just set out to catch up to them, and get a team over at warp speed, a dangerous prospect.

Previously, we had a big shore leave plotline posted by a couple of players, involving a Trill crewmember's symbiote and a trip to the homework. Between that and the new mission, we hit 44 posts between 6 players (5 really since one's on loa).

Other Information

A very positive month for the Valkyrie. I think we've got good momentum at the moment and hopefully we can carry that forward.

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