– September 30, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

The big update is that Valkyrie is now an 18+ rated sim. It's something that we've been working towards since we started and I think it will lead to some really high quality and interesting writing.

Crew Updates

This month, we've gained a new Chief Medical Officer and a new Chief Operations Officer, which is excellent and they both show a lot of potential as well as opening up new storytelling possibilities.

Unfortunately, we lost our chief engineer too, but I'm hopeful that we can recruit a new one soon.

Story Elements

We're about to start the final act of our current mission. We've got an... audacious plan to slow a runaway freighter using donated warp coolant. It's already cost one poor engineer an arm, let's hope it doesn't kill everyone aboard the freighter. Fingers and/or tentacles crossed!

Other Information

We've got two Floridians on the Valkyrie, both of whom came through the hurricane ok, which is the best part idea very good month for the Valkyrie. Despite that and a number of changes, we've still managed to put out 20 posts this month. I'm very proud of this bunch this month.

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