Vanished Colony May 2020 Report

Vanished Colony May 2020 Report


Sim Updates

Nothing to major to the site to update this month. Most of the work to the site was just upkeep and maintenance. We did update a few links, fix broken links, etc.

Crew Updates

Nothing to major to report this month.

Story Elements

Mission Title: Mission 0: The Final Cruise

Summary: Given a chance to retire on a high note the Phoenix, while seriously understaffed and ill-equipped, is ordered to the Tasoli Nebula to oversee a Diplomatic conference. Billed as the high point of Admiral Mitchell's career, the diplomatic conference is to be the last mission for the ship and her Admiral; both set to retire. Fate however intervened, and the crew of the Phoenix would never the same.

Other Information

Players: 6
Posts Count
-Single: 2
-Participation: 4
Avg Mission Posts / User: 0.67



Submitted By: harrington
Posted: June 2, 2020 3:28 am
Updated: June 27, 2020