SS Fawkes

Class: Groumal Class

Commanding Officer: Mayterial Droz

Game Type: Play by Web (Nova)
Rating: 13

From 2391 onward the vessel with registry CF-142AC showed back up in the Federation database but this time it was registered under the name of Fawkes, an independent freighter owned by the Heywood Corporation, which is based on Fingrad VI. The Heywood Corporation has no other major holdings and all day to day operations and contract negotiations are done by Mayterial Droz, who is the Captain of the vessel.. It was given the standard designation of Star Ship (S.S.), which it now also displays on its hull and in official documentation.

Characters on this sim


Smugglers Need Not Apply

Mayterial Droz posts up a 'help wanted' ad on the local network after losing her entire crew to a busted drug smuggling operation ran by her First Mate.

Mission: 001
Author RottenEmu
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