Haumea Colony

Class: Colony Class Base

Commanding Officer: Luka Mahone

Website: http://haumea.utopia-host.com/index.php/
Game Type: Play by Forum
Rating: 13

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Deep Freeze

Six Months from the aftermath of the Io's destruction, Starfleet has established a small base of operations upon Haumea Colony. High tensions boil up as the denizens experience a sudden and extreme drop in temperatures and weather. The changes brings about more issues than originally anticipated, and it's up to those within the colony to band together and get down to the heart of the issue... before it becomes too late.

Mission: 1

Our story begins not on the colony that would be dubbed Haumea, but aboard the USS Io, a Starfleet vessel poised to deliver goods and people to what would be known as Haumea. Tensions are high between civilian leadership and the Command Staff aboard the Io, caused by a number of classified documents and extremely strict orders from Starfleet Brass. Caught in the middle, Captain James Matthews and Lieutenant Commander Luka Mahone find themselves in a struggle to put out administrative fires without adding more fuel to the next.

This tale takes place six months before the official settlement of Haumea Colony, serving as a prelude of what is to come…

Mission: 0
Author Shi
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