Starbase 50

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Welcome to Poseidon Station, a Star Trek simulation set in the year 2395. Poseidon is an Ithaca Class Station set in geosynchronous orbit above the planet Aquil, an aquatic world and newest member to the Federation. Serving as the Command Base for Task Force 72, Poseidon frequents numerous Star Fleet, Civilian, and Smugglers, along with the occasional questionable character. Here at Poseidon, our goal is to further the goals of the Federation and protect the peace in our sector of space.
Poseidon focuses on character development and creating our world around us. We are not your typical game whose focus is on a mission to create our stories, but it is our characters who develop the mission and surroundings. With a newly built Station and a beautiful tropical paradise at our fingertips, Poseidon has something for everyone.

With missions and openings for nearly all levels of expertise we welcome all players; skilled and novice alike. So, feel free to take a look around our site and see if something interests you. If you have a question, please use our Contact Us Page; we’d love to talk with you.

Characters on this sim

Hiro Yoshida

Chief of Station Operations


Junipyr Danea

Chief Security


Sara T’eseri

Chief of Medicine


Liam Reynolds

Chief Counselor



Commanding Officer


Jack Patton

Marine Commanding Officer


Executive Officer


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