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USS Alexander

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Exploration. It has been a the very heart of human history since time immemorial. The thirst for knowledge, the quest to see all that can be seen. The drive to go farther than anyone else. It is the very essence of human kind, so much so that it is now the beating heart of Starfleet. - Ex Astris Scientia: from the stars, knowledge. Yet for all of our inquisitiveness and perhaps because of it, our thirst for knowledge and exploration has lead to conflict. From the base conflicts of Earth history to the intergalactic conflicts that have nearly consumed the Federation leaving no doubt that the innocent and altruistic nature of Starfleet is not shared by all species. Meaning Starfleet must be the beacon of hope, bringing the light of knowledge to the deepest corners of the galaxy. But just as the shepherd tends its flock, it must also fight off the wolves.

We are that shepherd.

Starfleet's mission is one of peaceful exploration. To 'boldly go' into the unknown far from the safety and stability of Federation space. To meet new life and new civilizations that may not wish to be intruded upon by curious travelers such as ourselves. For those who have answered the call to delve into those deep dark reaches of space, the Alexander stands ready to serve. Be it as a beacon of civilization that the Federation represents, or as the Goliath making clear what the Federation stands for.

The USS Alexander is home to the largest collection of explorers and scientists in the sector, serving as a staging area for scientific experiment, a repository of information and as a rally point for those brave souls trolling the darkness of space searching for the next great discovery. She is also home to the largest collection of Starfleet Marines beyond Camp Falkirk and carries both the munitions and personnel to stand for Starfleet and the Federation in almost any engagement in which they're needed. As the flagship of Obsidian Fleet, we stand ready at the edge of the Desolate Expanse preparing for the inevitable conflict that will arise when the deepening shadows on the other side of the expanse finally emerge into the light. We are the shield, and the sword. We are here to protect the borders of the Federation from this strange new menace, and from the very nature of those who call Starfleet home.

If you are ready to take the next great adventure in your life, to discover, explore and grow with your Fleet colleagues than the Alexander is the place for you. Here you will find a diverse crew of like minded individuals, eager to take that next step into the great unknown. Even those who do not share Starfleet's pacifistic approach are welcome as we have all learned over the years that no matter how altruistic our intentions, conflicts arise and those who would stand ready to defend against it are needed as much as those pursuing academic adventures.

Here is where exploration begins. Are you the next one to venture out into the great unknown? Join today, and let's find out.

Zavareh Sepandiyar
Commanding Officer

Edward Drake
Executive Officer

Hadir Prenar
Chief Security & Tactical Officer

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