USS Archimedes

Class: Nova Class

Commanding Officer: Nn’khiy

Game Type: Play by Web (Nova)
Rating: 13

The year is 2394. In the aftermath of the Cardassian War, the relationship between Cardassia and the Federation has fundamentally shifted. Cardassia rebuilds as the Federation deploys Starfleet to serve and protect Cardassia and its colonies. In return for this protection the Detapa Council, the governing body of Cardassia, has allowed the Federation access to their space for scientific exploration. This is a chance that Starfleet Command could not pass up.

The USS Archimedes is tasked with this exploration of Cardassian space. She is tasked with exploring and and cataloging scientific discoveries that are formally unknown to the Federation. Their overall mission is to expand the berth of knowledge of all living species in the galaxy. They delve into the unknown crannies of the galaxy just to see what is there. For only through exploration can one reach their true potential. In short, their mission echoes their dedication plaque…

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world"

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