USS Clepsydra

Class: Wells Class Timeship

Commanding Officer: Myrkul Sharr

Game Type: Play by Forum
Rating: 13

The U.S.S. Clepsydra is the first to bear the time and is the newest ship within Timefleet. These are the stories of her crew as it protects the integrity of the timelines.

With the drives still needing repair, the Guardian that they had been chasing, showed himself and was able to use his technology to get the ship into orbit around Earth in the same timeline as Keegan Winter. 1942, what should have been a critical point in Earth’s history as the Axis fights the Allies in World War 2, is no longer the Axis. The Third-Reich has destroyed its enemies, subjugated its people to their will and is now turning its attention to it’s allies. The crew must find Winter and stop him, undo the damage he has done to the timeline at any cost or the worlds they knew would be no more.


· Chief Operations Officer


Mission 3: This is the Future

It is 17 December 1942; snow covers most cities in Europe, and the people go about their business like any other day. The actions on the front lines have little to no impact on the Third Reich’s capital; the city is decorated for Christmas. The flag of the Reich can be seen everywhere, that deep red cuts through the crisp, clean white of the snow, an imposing sight for any visitor.

The crew of the Clepsydra have been tasked with finding Keegan Winter, the fugitive, and bring him in alive or dead while figuring out how they can undo the damage to the timeline.

Mission: 003
Author Myrkul Sharr
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