USS Harbinger

  • by
Herschel Maines-Dowd
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USS Harbinger is one of the oldest ships in her line of the Luna class, forming a part of Task Force 47-C (previously a part of TF 47-A), initially having been on its way to the Gamma Quadrant for exploratory purposes, the destruction of Romulus and the explosion of the Hobus star a decade ago had caused her journey to the quadrant to be very short-lived.

With a race back to Federation Space, the crew of the Harbinger finds themselves having to toe the line carefully - with the crumbling of alliances and seeing an open door to the neutral zone. USS Harbinger and her crew hopes to be the forerunner for peace on a border not so stable.

Montgomery Niles
Chief Sec/Tact Officer
James Harrison
Marine CO
Chief Engineering Officer
Executive officer
Allison Mae Steiger
Commanding officer
Herschel Wescott Maines-Dowd

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