USS Hiroshima

Class: Vesta Class

Commanding Officer: Yearling

Game Type: Play by Email
Rating: 13

USS Hiroshima 1

The Hiroshima is the third Obsidian Fleet ship of her name. A Vesta Class vessel, the distances she can travel are matched only by the dangers she faces in a galaxy that is even more hazardous than it at first appears. Threats lie without and within.

The Hiroshima has the distinction of being fleet's longest running sim and home to a number of its longest RPed characters.

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Caught Between Ages

After travelling to the edge of Gorn space, their task a display of Federation technological superiority through fleet exercises, the crew of the Hiroshima have stumbled upon a secret that risks dragging the Federation into the Gorn Hegemony's war with the Klingons.

Mission: 21
Author Yearling
Views 291


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