USS Nogura

Class: Sovereign Class

Commanding Officer: Harrington

Game Type: Play by Web (Nova)
Rating: 15

For years we sat defending our boarders, exploring new worlds, and meeting new civilizations; little did we know the trouble brewing within our own government. This time our enemy doesn’t come in large ships, it doesn’t come in epic battles; this time it comes quietly in the night. Wearing the same uniform, it hides behind our oath. An oath to upholds ideals of "universal liberty, rights, and equality, and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation and space exploration."

"Our greatest enemy is the enemy within, for hidden there are dark and destructive emotions. But also hidden there is the light of reason that can lead us to the dawn."~Edwin Mamerto

The year is 2394 and our galaxy is at a critical point of change; a change that no one saw coming. On board the USS Nogura, Commodore Harrington and crew are forced to fight from within to restore things to the way they were. Stalwart Guardians, they defend the ideals of the Federation. A new dawn is at hand and no one knows what it will bring. If it brings peace, how thankful we shall all be. If it brings continued struggle we remain undaunted in our task.


Back To Basics

“Survival was my only hope, success my only revenge.” ~ Patricia Cornwell

Fresh from their launch at Deep Space 7, Harrington and crew are ordered to the planet Prolla 5. Prolla, a Federation Outpost, has stopped all communication with the Federation; with her last communication over 4 weeks ago. With little to no information to work with, Starfleet orders the Nogura to see what has happened and report back.

Arriving at the planet the initial scans reveal that the planet is void of all humanoid life. There is no population, the Federation outpost is in ruins, there is nothing. Convinced whoever did this is not on the planet, a confused Harrington orders Away Teams to the planet to start a grid search and determine what happened to the Officers who called Prolla home. With some crew using transporters and others traveling via shuttlecraft, Harrington wants answers.

With Officers on the planet, the crew is surprised by an unexpected Ion storm that engulfs the planet and most of the ship; leaving the two crews unable to communicate or travel back and forth. With the storm gaining in both strength and intensity, Harrington orders the Away Teams to a set of nearby caves. Using only the resources they have with them at the time, the crew must survive and outwit nature.

Mission: 11
Author Harrington
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