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Cpt Tyler Malbrooke
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"One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not To Yield."
-Alfred Lord Tennyson-

(As inscribed on the dedication plaque of the USS Pioneer NCC-74757)

The year is 2396. In the aftermath of the Cardassian War, the relationship between Cardassia and the Federation has fundamentally shifted. Cardassia rebuilds as the Federation deploys Starfleet to serve and protect Cardassia and its colonies. Along with this rebuilding, came The New Maquis, and the Obsidian Order. These groups sought to destroy the peace in the sector.

Captain Tyler Malbrooke and the crew of the USS Pioneer have spent the past two years risking life and limb for this peace. They have travelled through time and back again. They have fought and bled for the preservation of their home, Empok Nor. Ultimately, the Pioneer emerged victorious. The Obsidian Order has fallen and the New Maquis has all but disbanded. That is when the new threat to Starfleet arose.

An old enemy begins to rumble. For quite some time the thought was that, the Romulans were no longer a threat. Since the Hobus star exploded the Romulan, empire has been in shambles. However, now they work on something they call the artifact, now they want to talk and now they come to the Federation open handed and for peace. What has changed? That is what the Pioneer is tasked with finding out.

This intrepid crew will learn all they can about the oldest and deadliest of enemies. The Pioneer finds itself in a battle between duty and honor. Exploration built the Pioneer, and molded the crew. However, the Federation and Starfleet wish to become more isolated to pull in on itself. This crew will have to prove to everyone what it means to seek out new lives, and civilizations. In short, their mission echoes their dedication plaque.

"USS Pioneer, To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not To Yield."

As part of their mission, the USS Pioneer joins the rest of Task Group 47 at Starbase Sirius to achieve this goal. Sirius stands on the frontier of Romulan space. Can Tyler and the crew prove that there are more friends than foes out here or will Starfleet pull them and the rest of the fleet back to Earth? If you think you have what it takes to face the enemy in these dark times, and NEVER YIELD then join the USS Pioneer as it enters its third season with the darkest stories we have told to date.

Join Captain Malbrooke as he continues the legacy of the Intrepid Class of ships.


Mira Jayna
Intelligence - Infiltration Specialist
Tallida Ovaa
Chief Counselor
Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Ingrid Hollister
Sofia Cipriani
Chloe de la Vega
Paul Michael
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Quinn Ó Flannagáin
Executive Officer
Marine Commanding Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Operations Officer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief of The Boat
Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer
Commanding Officer
Dana Jayne Wakefield
Vaebn tr'Hwerstuil
Elen "Blonde Bombsite" Diari
Cornelius Alphons Tremble
Hermia Annalise O'Rourke MD
Andrew Moore
Jennifer Masters
Larim Myles
Tyler Henry Malbrooke
Dr. Richard Allan Ballston MD Psy D.

Episode 11 - Family Matters

Sophomore Cadet Lyie t'Hweruil has been kidnapped from Starfleet Academy on Earth. The USS Pioneer is asked to venture into Romulan space and rescue her. Who will they find on the other side of the Zone? The Romulans that are looking for peace and a rebirth in the fallout from Hobus or the same old Romulans. Will the Pioneer's crew and her Chief Science Officer be able to rescue the Cadet despite the emotional attachment? The Pioneer is on uncertain ground as they wade into a game of wits with Romulans who will hit too close to home.

Mission: 11
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers

The USS Pioneer's mission at Empok Nor and Cardassian space is complete. The ship is ordered to rejoin Task Group 47 at Starbase Sirius on the Romulan Neutral Zone. It seems that the Tal Shiar is back and Starfleet wants the crew that took down the Obsidian Order to take down the Tal Shiar. Are the Pioneers up to the task? For now the crew gets to know their new home, as old friends settle in and new friends and enemies arise.

Mission: 10
Episode 9 - Empok's End

The USS Pioneer returns from a routine survey mission to find that their home is no more. Station Empok Nor has been seized by the New Maquis and the Obsidian Order. Now the crew of the Pioneer along with Marines being led by General Sobel and Captain Tremble have to try to get the station back before the fragile peace built between Cardassia and the Federation comes to an end. A new ally emerges as the mysterious Azzians step forward and into galactic politics.

Mission: 9
Episode 8 - The Silence

Following Shore Leave the Pioneer is sent on what seems to be a routine survey mission. Since the CDF has it's hands full cleaning up the homeworld Cardassia requests the Pioneer to survey a planet and see if it is suitable for Cardassian colonization. Upon arrival the Pioneer finds signs of life on the planet complete with an unknown station. The crew of the Pioneer will have to answer the following questions. Why had Cardassia no known about this? Who built all of this? But most importantly where did they all go. It seems that Malbrooke, Ó Flannagáin, and the rest of the Pioneer crew have an old fashioned mystery on their hands.

Mission: 8
Episode 7 - Home Again

The Pioneer is fresh from repairs and hangs in orbit of Cardassia Prime. However, her stay on Cardassia is only for as long as the thank yous from the Detapa Council can last. Captain Malbrooke orders the ship back to Empok Nor, and orders the crew to take shore leave. After the tensions and hard fought battles that they have had the crew needs it. Tensions on the station are high when the Pioneer arrives. However, the crew still enjoys themselves for what could be their last time coming Home Again.

Mission: 7
Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard

The Pioneer receives a message from Elim Garak the chair of the Detapa Council. The message spoke of strange happenings on Cardassia Prime. He formally requests the Pioneer to investigate. What makes matters worse is the New Maquis have made their way to Cardassia Prime. The crew of the USS Pioneer must race to solve the Cardassian mystery before it is too late for both Cardassia and the Pioneer itself.

Mission: 6
Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure

The USS Pioneer heads to the pleasure planet Casperia Prime in the Horvian Cluster for some fun in the sun. This time allows the crew to rest, recharge, and regroup after their journey through time. Captain Malbrooke extends an invitation to any family of the crew who might want to take the trip. However, this pleasure planet is not fully what it seems. Family, a new threat, relaxation, and more await the crew of the USS Pioneer below the rings of Casperia Prime

Mission: 5
The Sum Of Our Parts

The USS Pioneer is sent at the request of the Detapa Council to a Science Station near Cardassia Prime. The Council has received a distress from Cardassia's preeminent scientist specializing in temporal mechanics Dr Tavik Zojal. The Pioneer is now in a race against time itself to save the doctor and perhaps everything. Now the crew of the USS Pioneer must confront themselves if decisions were different, if times were different.

Mission: 4
Weary Travellers

The USS Pioneer returns triumphantly to Empok Nor for a few days of R&R. The crew is released for some time for themselves to relax.

Mission: 3
The Enemy Within

The orders are in and confirmed. The USS Pioneer departs and heads into the history books. But first they will find a threat that will shake The Federation and Cardassia to the core. Can it be stopped in time?

Mission: 2
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