USS Rhea

Class: Luna Class

Commanding Officer: Adamya Ryon

Game Type: Play by Web (Nova)
Rating: 13

USS Rhea 1

The USS Rhea is an Luna-class starship which serves as the flagship for Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 72-C during the year 2394. It's mission is to push the boundaries of exploration. This exploration is not limited to space, we explore the final frontier as well as ourselves. Our plot structure is a hyrbid of story arcs with stand-alone episodes in the flavor of the television show.

We are a 13+ rated sim set in the prime Star Trek universe. We are a sim that tries to stay true to what The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine brought to our TV screens. We are seeking players who enjoy community building and developing characters. It is my mission to create a fun and interesting place to encourage creativity and my wish for the us all to build the Rhea's story together.

Characters on this sim

Stasia 2
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Aidan Datari 3
Chief Science Officer
Haulval 4
Chief Intelligence Officer
Keval PTrell 5
Chief Operations Officer
Adamya Ryon 6
Commanding Officer

Awards won by USS Rhea

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Season 2, Episode 2: Ticket to Ride

While en route to pick up the Federation Ambassador near Chandrila III, Captain Adamya decides to have a little fun with the members of the senior staff on the holodeck. When a close encounter with a nebula causes the ship's systems to seemingly glitch, the crew will be placed in life or death situation. Can the people on the holodeck manage to keep themselves alive when their bank heist goes badly? Can those left on the ship get the people off the holodeck before things get too deadly? We shall see.

Mission: 1
Author Fake Captain
Views 246
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