USS Valkyrie

Alexander Kurtz
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he USS Valkyrie is a Centaur Class Starship. Her mission is primarily one of exploration and discovery, but she also provides emergency response and defence to the United Federation of Planets and it's citizens.

The year is 2393, and after years of rebuilding after conflicts with powers such as The Dominion & The Borg, Starfleet is ready to push back out into the unknown, throw back the veil of mystery and make new discoveries. At the same time, there are fresh challenges facing the fleet close to home, from dangers on a planetary scale to fresh tensions with bordering empires.

Based out of Deep Space Twelve, a station on the edge of Federation space, our missions can range from exploration to search and rescue to diplomacy or even combat, so there should be something for everyone. We aim to provide an engaging sim with something for every character to do. Creativity is encouraged, if you have an idea for a mission, a story or a subplot, we'll try our best to make it work within the sim.

If you're interested in joining our sim, we'd love to have you aboard, just fill in one of our applications. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Once again, welcome aboard the USS Valkyrie!

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The USS Valkyrie has successfully made first contact with an unusual spaceborne alien from another Universe.

The creature, known as Nomad, emerged from a rift in the vicinity of the USS Tower Bridge, and unleashed an energy pulse which disabled the Akira Class starship. It then took flight towards a nearby asteroid field. After recieving a distress call, Valkyrie was able to provide aid to the Tower Bridge and find a way to track the creature.

Upon reaching the asteroid field, the Valkyrie was attacked by an older Klingon ship which had been stolen and repurposed by Rezzik, a wanted war criminal from the Dominion war. The ship’s both went into the asteroid field after the alien. Valkyrie was able to make contact first and establish a dialogue, discovering that Nomad was trying to escape hostile forces from it’s home universe.

Both Valkyrie and Nomad came under attack from Rezzik. Valkyrie was heavily damaged, but Nomad elected to intercede and disabled Rezzik’s ship. The hostile crew were detained and repairs started. Nomad requested asylum, which Captain Kurtz was all to happy to agree to. A specialist team is to be despatched to further assist Nomad.

Mission: 6

Recalled to Earth, the Valkyrie is recieves her new commanding officer, Captain Alexander Kurtz.

Mission: 5
Of Gods and Kings

The Valkyrie makes first contact with an Alien species near the edge of Federation space, however, not everything goes to plan.

As the Breen make a move to annex the world, the chief science officer is identified as a religious figure by its natives. the situation escalates to an attack by a mercenary group which leaves the Valkyrie's commanding officer, Charles Kincaid, dead.

Mission: 4

The Valkyrie receives a distress call from an out of control civilian freighter on a collision course with their home base of Deep Space 12. With major malfunctions to their warp systems, it is up to the Valkyrie to stop the freighter or it will mean sacrificing the civilian crew to protect DS12?

Mission: 3
For a Swarm of Bees

Having barely filled its roster, the USS Valkyrie and her new crew find themselves dispatched on a mission of great urgency. A mysterious but somewhat familiar alien technology is threatening New Salem colony, one of the few Federation colonies located in this sector of space, with seemingly imminent destruction. A fleet of over one thousand drone-like vessels and what appears to be their controller ship entered New Salem's system four days prior to the distress call and have already devoured one of the planets to begin creation of some sort of sphere around the dwarf star. It has become readily apparent that these aliens intend on harvesting the remaining two planets for their materials - one of which is the home of New Salem and her colonists. Can the crew of the USS Valkyrie come together and save New Salem or will they be forced to attempt an evacuation on their ship too small to take all of the colonists?

Mission: 2
Ride of the Valkyrie

The first ride of the Valkyrie. The crew comes together under a new captain. What lies ahead for them?

Mission: 1
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