A new friend from an old one

Astraja was lounging is her chair in Ops when the computer chimed. “Incoming subspace message from Lt Sayffier, USS Nelson.”

“Oh, yes, accept it, on screen,” said Astrja excitedly.

“Hello cousin,” said Njalia.

“Hello Jalia,” said Astraja with a smile. “What are you doing on the Nelson?”

“The Vesta needed . . . extensive repairs after it last mission. So we are doing a shakedown cruise on the Nelson,” said Njalia.

“That is one of the new Inquiry-class ships with millions of holographic crew right?”

“Yes, it does have a lot of holographic crew, that part is kind of fun.” said Njalia with a grin. “But I also had to do a massive amount of coding to clean up.”

“But you like that,” teased Astraja.

“Well, yes, actually, it was an interesting challenge. But that is not what I am contacting you about, Maiden and I finished rebuilding your QAI.”

“Oh! I bet it is amazing.”

“The program is attached, follow the protocols when installing it,” said Njalia sternly.

“Yes, Jalia, I will be a good little Ops officer,” grinned Astraja.

“See that you are,” smiled Njalia back. “Now, I need some sleep. Be well.”

“Sweet dreams.” Astraja watched as the screen blanked and returned to showing the Starfleet symbol. “Computer, do I have a new program file?”

“Yes, Lieutenant, File: Njalia’s Gift.”

Astraja clapped her hands and laughed, because of course it was. “Computer, initiate a full virus scan on the program.”

“It is a dense program, it will take some time, continue?”

“Yes, follow all proper protocols, Computer.”

Astraja got herself a mug of Andorian The while waiting for the scan to complete. She wanted to rush things but, no, she was going to be a good Ops officer, do things properly. You only rushed when you had to, otherwise, protocol is your friend.

“Scan complete, Lieutenant, no malicious code identified. Activate program?”

“Yes, please,” she said watching the holoscreen. A brightly colored, robotic, vaguely female form resolved.

“Hello, Lieutenant Astraja Kyan, I am Afor, your new QAI assistant,” Afor waved. “It is a pleasure to meet you, though I feel I already know you as Lieutenant Sayffier and QAI Ice Maiden have told me so much about you. I hope we can be friends.”

Astraja was momentarily whisked back to her childhood, watching adventure shows with her cousin and Atoo, the helpful robot who aided our heroes and got into trouble. It was perfect. Only Jalia would know her so well.

“Welcome, oh, be welcome, Afor,” said Astraja. “I am sure we will be the best of friends.”

“That is my hope as well, Lieutenant Kyan!” said Afor happily. “Am I correct in thinking that I am now running on a main computer, Type Zeta-3/Alpha, on a Reliant-class starship?”

Astrja nodded. “Yes, you are.”

“It is not quite as comfortable as the Theta-9/Psi-2 standard on the Inquiry-class but it shall suffice,” said Afor cheerily. “Now, how may I be of service on this fine day?”

“Science has been reporting some sensor ghosts in the secondary sensors,” said Astrja. “I am thinking it might be caused by a subspace neutrino bleed? What do you think?”

“Let me access those sensor records.”

Astraja nodded and called up the same. This was going to be fun.


OCC- Just something that happened before the current mission.