To Boldly Roll – Season 4, The Tilikaal Saga


“The Tilikaal have much in common with rarely encountered species such as the Organians, having moved beyond corporeal humanoid life. However, they retain, directly and indirectly, many connections to physical existence. It is this combination of the physical and nonphysical which makes Starfleet’s efforts to achieve peaceful contact and mutual understanding a challenge, especially since the Tilikaal’s ascension to noncorporeal beings, via their advanced technology, has played out across millennia.”


The Potemkin’s encounters and dealings with Tilikaal technology has lead them into encounters with the Tilikaal themselves! First via their attendant species, races that act as guardians and caretakers of the very advanced technologies that were employed by this ancient and mysterious species, then the crew made contact via telepathic races aboard the Potemkin; leading to a meeting in a pocket universe! Now, a year after their search began they managed to open up the gateway allowing the Tilikaal to return to their return to the material world, all did not go as planned and now the crew of the Potemkin must undo or minimise the impact this very advanced and hostile race will have on the rest of the galaxy!