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Fleet Hubs Unleashed

In last month’s Joint Fleet Command report, I promised an update on the Fleet Hubs. A History of Hubs and Hubris As you might recall from many conversations in the past, we’ve been talking about these and, probably unbeknownst to 90% of you reading this, iterating on them for a number of years. We quietly…

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Oc 2023

Sunday Spotlight – Obsidian Command

This post was suggested for a spotlight, “for the intense description of a fierce negotiation between two strong Orion women. A testament to strength, wit, and unwavering will.”While the Pathfinder was on patrol, a shipping vessel, USS Virgil, requested help dealing with pirates. As the Pathfinder’s away team is out of touch searching out the…

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Saturday Spotlight – Haumea Colony

Brief Outline of your game and theme You could call it a colony of the wayward sort, but at Haumea, we strive for nothing short of adventure. We may not be as far off the beaten path as some of the ships patrolling the quadrants, but we attract all sorts. We boast a diverse populace…

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Tsusu Planet

Lore Report, April 2024

The last season of Discovery is airing and while we will as always avoid spoilers, there is new species lore – a look at Breen behind the helmet and expanded lore for a DS9 species, Kelleruns, represented by one of the new main characters (so we hope to see more!). We’ve also added Tholians to…

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Post Spotlight – USS Elysium – Unexpected Visit

With the crew suffering from bad dreams, which has caused extreme exhaustion across the ship, our resident priestess, High Priestess An’Dalus, visits the Commodore, who, with twins under the age of 2, means that sleepless nights are common. High Priestess An’Dalus & Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory LaneLocation: Deck 16 – Captain’s QuartersTimeline: Late MD 8…

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