Task Force 72

Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara, Task Force Commanding Officer

Task Force 72, The Peacekeepers
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Task Force 72 is under the command of Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara of USS Vesta.

The aftermath of the Dominion War can still be felt in the Alpha Quadrant. The Cardassians, now allied to the Federation, are no longer the major power they were and struggle to find their identity on the Galactic stage and as a people collectively. The Typhon Pact has strengthened the hand of the Breen and Tzenkethi, who now threaten to destablise the hard-fought peace that has lasted since the Dominion War.

In the face of this period of instability Obsidian Fleet’s Task Force 72 has been reassigned to support the Cardassians and neighbouring powers. Task Force 72 is charged with opening diplomatic relations with the nascent powers and ensuring a long-lasting, stable Federation presence in the Alpha Quadrant

Do you have the courage to lose sight of the shore? To leave the comforts of home behind and go out into the great unknown in search of adventure? New worlds await, old words need to be rediscovered and the great cycle of knowledge continued. Do you have what it takes to join in on that adventure?

Join us in this adventure, and become the next Peacekeeper of Task Force 72.

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