Chapter 2 - Captain’s Log

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Several hours of debriefing the away team and I still don’t know what to make of it.  These giants claimed to be the creator of dozens if not hundreds of intelligent species but in the end all we have is their claims and their advanced technology.  The Mercutio computer could also be capable of DNA scans and that does not prove that we had anything to do with the evolution of those we’re scanning. I can tell that the claims bothered some of the team and even though the Counselor was down there I’m hoping she will be able to discern more facts than I was able to get out of them.

Now we’re thankfully headed away from that world and moving forward to the next.  Long range sensors tell us this next is primarily a water world with a series of small island chains dotting the planet.  Thus far, this sector has proven to be anything but dull, however I cannot help but wonder when the eventual other shoe will fall.  I know that’s pessimistic but not many on the Merc have lost a bet when wagering on trouble. Truth be told I am looking forward to being done with this little exploration experience and reporting back to the brass on Earth.  A few hours of talking turns into a week of being home.  The older I get, the farther the ranch seems to be, like a mirage in a starry desert.

Off subject, but Karina has been acting odd since we entered the sector.  I know it’s just the timing but she’s more withdrawn than usual.  She’s always been overtly mature for her age, and I know that is my fault for having placed her with family when we lost Edra. Over time she’s come to mesh with her siblings even if she’s always the adult in the room.  But she’s quieter than usual, to the point she rarely comes out of her room other than for meals.  I know she’s reaching the age where privacy is paramount, so I have tried to encourage more family interaction without demanding it.  Maybe we’re just finally in that teenage era.  If that’s true, God help us with Marcus.