Post Spotlight – USS Elysium – Unexpected Visit

With the crew suffering from bad dreams, which has caused extreme exhaustion across the ship, our resident priestess, High Priestess An’Dalus, visits the Commodore, who, with twins under the age of 2, means that sleepless nights are common. High Priestess An’Dalus & Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory LaneLocation: Deck 16 – Captain’s QuartersTimeline: Late MD 8…

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Joint Fleet Command Report – Q1 2024

Hello dear readers, it’s been too long … for it’s du Lac writing this months report! In this edition … Table of ContentsWhat we’ve been up to …Rule ChangePlans for (the rest of) 2024 What we’ve been up to … Aside from an unprecedented amount of illness, we’ve been mostly working a lot behind the…

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Communication Catch Up

Well…. well…. well… look who is back with a report. Communication reports have been a bit lacking from me as I’ve been summoning our community enough to events on our Discord server. If you have missed events do not worry most of them have been recorded and you can find them via our YouTube channel….

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The Stuff First Officers Are Made Of

What Makes For the Best aGMs? Like most things, doing something well can just come naturally, or at least can come easily with practice. And also, being a good XO for a specific sim will likely require different things particular to the GM and the style of sim being hosted, making some of the advice…

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Celebration Of STEM In Obsidian Fleet

In honour of British Science Week which is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths across Britain we thought it would be nice to throw out an invitation to Game Masters to highlight the characters on their games who do the science, technology, engineering and maths. We took it one step further if…

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Oc 2023

Lore Report, February 2024

We have kicked off the new year with new database content and a Khitomer conference. In the main database we now have Grazerites (thank you, Nikki!) and in Memory-Obsidian there is write-up on an aspect of Betazoid a religion (also thanks to Nikki) and on Romulan games related to Vulcan Kal-Toh (thanks to Reilyn for…

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Task Force 21 Returns

As we announced a long time ago and have been playing with on and off over the last couple of years Task Force 21 is returning as the online gaming arm to provide a community for us to spend some time together outside of writing collaborations. After Paul’s successful YouTube live streaming of the ‘Obsidian…

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Random Alien

Creating New Species

We all know Star Trek’s classic opening that describes the mission: “…to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations…” Doing that means, in part, encountering new species, either as part of a mission or as characters. So how do we approach this for our games? Given the myriad places and…

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