Fleet Council

The Fleet Council is the Administrative body of Obsidian Fleet and provides the support and services which our players engage with on a daily basis.

Joint Fleet Command

The three-member team who provide general leadership to the Fleet. The Joint Fleet Command also act as Fleet Webmasters and Data Controller and are the legal server owners with ultimate authority with respect to Obsidian Fleet’s data, servers and other technical aspects

Fleet Operations

The Task Forces, which together make up Fleet Operations, are the groups of simulations that make up Obsidian Fleet. To provide support and community, they are organized into first Task Groups, then Task Forces, each with its own leader. There is also a separate Task Force called Independent Fleet Operations which is used for speciality sims and sims commanded by members of the Joint Fleet Command.

Task Force 13

This Task Force is dedicated to exploring the wider aspects of the Prime timeline and contains our civilian, academy, alien, and specialist Federation games.

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Task Force 29's July 2023 Report - Job updates and progress.

Task Force 29

A different view of Star Trek.

This Task Force explores the different worlds and universes within Star Trek and contains our alternative timeline, alternative universe and pre/post-Prime games

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Task Force 29's July 2023 Report - Job updates and progress.

Task Force 47

Unique sims, unique stories.

This Task Force explores the different universes outside of Star Trek and contains a variety of games such as X-Men, Stargate, and Power Rangers.

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Task Force 29's July 2023 Report - Job updates and progress.

Task Force 72

Roleplaying and community writing in the Prime Universe

This Task Force is dedicated to the tradition of Star Trek Roleplaying and focuses on the main Star Trek timeline. Set just before the events of Star Trek: Picard, the collapse of the Romulan Empire has shook the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Federation is growing more and more concerned with its own affairs. Task Force 72 is charged with patrolling the edge of Federation space, looking for threats outward – and within.

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Fleet Support

The Fleet Support Staff run various departments that support players in many ways. Fleet Communications manages the distribution of awards, distributes applications to sims in need of new players, and manages advertisement and recruiting. The Lore & Technology team develops the Lore and Technology which aids the Fleet in its continual storyline.

Lore & Technology

Providing the creative background for the Fleet

Lore and Technology is responsible for the development of the main timeline and setting the overall direction of plot development for the Fleet, as well as the technological advances within the Prime Universe.

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Supporting the community

Communications is responsible for the promotion of the fleet externally and supporting the fleet with events.

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