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  • Communication Report December 2023

    1 December 2023
    You might be asking Ehestri you missed a month and you are right i did but with a very good…

    2 November 2023
    Hello everyone It is that time again and you may be looking at me like I am going mad as…
  • Communication Report September 2023

    24 October 2023
    September and October have flown by and boom I remembered today that I never finished this report so you will…
  • Halloween Quiz

    21 October 2023
    Do not forget our Halloween Quiz is happening tonight at 8 pm BST. It is open to everyone and we…
  • Golden Padd 2023 – Winner

    28 September 2023
    Congrats to Alex from USS Athena for winning the 2023 Golden Padd award! Their captivating story earned them 1500 xp,…
  • Communication Report August 2023

    18 September 2023
    Discover the latest happenings and exciting events in our vibrant Discord community, including the introduction of Polaris, our new leaderboard…
  • Obsidian Day Awards Part 2

    9 August 2023
    Explore character storytelling in the USS Athena series. Unforgettable narratives with Lt. Didrea Zade's journey and Becca's unique characters.
  • Communication Report – May 2023

    8 June 2023
    Where have I been? Around doing lots of things as you will see below .  OBSIDIAN DAY?? 'Obsidian Day' will…
  • Fleetcast – Our Community and more podcast

    11 May 2023
    We are looking for people to talk to on our podcast or suggest content. If you have a passion for…
  • Communication Report March 2023

    26 April 2023
    COMMUNICATION ROUND UP We have been lucky enough to have Xerix join the team and has made himself known by…