Communication Report September 2023

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September and October have flown by and boom I remembered today that I never finished this report so you will not get one for October but I am sure I will be providing lots of other communications around what is going on around the fleet.


As you are all aware by now we have a bot that loves to give out XP to members of our discord server. The more you chat in the general channels the more XP you get. You can earn points in many ways with engagement – like socials, running events or if you summon me on Discord and tell me your favourite podcast you will get 200 points.

1) Ehestri
2) du Lac
3) Gary Taylor
4) Cam
5) Alex the Earthquake Master
6) Emu
7) Endy
8) The Man Paul
9) Sepandiyar
10) Nikki

There have been some really fun subjects this month that you might have missed KirkTGM’s Starship designs, Ahsoka, Power Rangers and finally my favourite discussion Bluey. Who knew so many grown-ups could relate to a program about a little blue dog from Australia? Looking at you Minawara!

We have also had a quiz the past weekend. It was great and has given lots of feedback for a Christmas one. You can also join Dulac this weekend on Discord for a surprise and a party.


If you did not know, we also manage the following social media account. Every follow, click and like counts towards getting us out there to potential players.

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If you subscribe or like any of our social media accounts you will get polaris 500 points per social.  I have awarded over 10,000 for social media support in September.


We currently have three episodes in editing so there will be more coming your way soon. We have changed our Halloween podcast from Saturday 28th October to Sunday 29th October at 8 pm GMT. Please join us on youtube to see what we have to say out Antoganists – Star Trek edition.

But I was lucky enough that 2 weeks ago I joined a charity podcast. Unfortunately, YouTube did not keep the footage but you can see one of the best moments of the whole night. Imagine waking up to this at 6 a.m. It was terrifying but worth it for the money that was raised.

Big thanks to one of our players Serahni who was a constant cheerleader in the small hours of Sunday.

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Everyone in our community can submit news stories, these can be anything from an extraordinary mission on your sim to telling us your favourite Star Trek muses. Game Masters, please remember we have post, character and mission spotlights to shout out to everyone about how awesome you guys are as well as the weekly sim spotlight.

We are now using the opinion and editorial category more and more and for any post that is not a spotlight or a Fleet Council report you now get XP.

It also does not take long to get them approved either you just need to summon any member of JFC on Discord in IFS3 for help.


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As we get close to the end of year award season I want everyone to start thinking about what makes the people on their games amazing and special and what makes them different from anyone else you write with. Obsidian Day Awards nominations were the best I have seen since I started this role in 2018.

I really want to end 2023 on a high with all those amazing words and positive vibes.

Highlights of July 2023 communication report.