Task Forces 29 and 47 – Report – March 2024

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We’ve been keeping busy over the past few months, juggling our games and real-life commitments. We know how hectic things can get outside the world of role-playing. So, take a moment, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s dive in!

Task Force 29

Task Force 29 spans the corners of all Space & Time. We host those games that break with conventional Star Trek, exploring the uncharted territories of the Trek universe to bring Gene Roddenberry’s vision to life. From different times to alternate universes, Task Force 29 embraces a rich tapestry of storytelling.

Task Force 29 Metrics:

– Number of Active Games: 3

– Number of games in Shakedown: 0

– Number of players: 32

– Number of posts: 122.84

– Voice hours: 5

– Number of posts per player: 9.02

Task Force 47

Task Force 47 breaks away from traditional Trek games, delving into a diverse range of genres and fandoms. From Power Rangers to X-Men, Star Wars to Stargate, and even Harry Potter and Marvel, the possibilities are endless. So grab a chair, unleash your imagination, and dive into the all-different Task Force 47!

Task Force 47 Metrics:

– Number of Active Games: 2

– Number of games in Shakedown: 0

– Number of players: 14

– Number of posts: 13.36

– Number of posts per player: 2.27

Our Plans For The Rest of 2024

We’re introducing our first Hub in TF47 … The Travellers Rest. Facilitated by du Lac, with support from the rest of the Fleet Council, this presents a very unique writing experience which is open to everyone. Check the link out or contact du Lac for more information.

In TF29 we’re working on an idea called “The Eternal Library” which is in its infancy stages. We’ll announce more in time, but here’s the teaser.

It stands at the edge of a desolate realm where time has been shattered, leaving behind a fractured landscape of broken realities but the library stands as repository of knowledge spanning all of time, where scholars and historians study the vast tapestry of existence to try and weave the universe back together. Its shelves contain volumes on every conceivable subject, offering insights into the past, present, and future of countless civilizations.. Here, the very laws of physics are in flux, creating an environment where survival is a constant struggle against the forces of entropy.

Our goals for 2024 is to launch The Eternal Library and, with Travellers Rest, give all players a place to write and interact with other players they may not have had the chance to write with. You know, kind of like getting that Sequs Character from Ely to play with the Professor in Avalon… now that would be fun….

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So with this in mind, world building and community building are big on our agenda this year. If you wish to play on any of our wonderful games, reach out to their game masters or myself and we’ll will hook you up!

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Okay not totally like him but you get the gist right?

From exploring the depths of space to unravelling the mysteries of alternate realities, there’s something for everyone in Task Force 29 and Task Force 47. So come on in, join the adventure, and let your imagination soar!